Since time immemorial Man and Horse have been close companions serving one and other in times of war and peace. Rajputana is known as the land of Princes and Warriors, who fought legendary battles with their Risalas (Cavalry). It was with the help of these Risalas that they reached the boundless boundaries of prestige and honour. Those were the days when sunset marked the end of the day and horsemen dismounted to set up camp.

The fort of Badalgarh was originally known as Faizalgarh as it was constructed by Kayamkhani ruler Nawab Faizal Khan in the beginning of the 16th century. Later the Shekhawat ruler Maharao Shardul Singhji took over the fort when he captured Jhunjhunu. Since then the Fort remained in the family of Panchpana under Dundlod in the ownership of Late Thakur Rawal Harnath Singhji Bahadur until 1947. Under the Jagirdari resumption act. the fort was handed over to the Birla’s, a prominent business family of Shekhawati.

In the year 2000 the fort was reacquired by Francesca Kelly and Kr.Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod. The fort is situated on a portion of Nehra hill top, measuring approximately 9000 sq. yards. within in the four walls of the fort and open area around the fort measuring approximately 5000 sq.yards. The fort has approach road from the Churu – Rajgarh bypass as well as a stone cobbled road from the main market of Jhunjhunu up to the fort entrance.

In the premises of the fort there are two temples of Ma Durga and Lord Hanuman. Water tanks and under ground area exist next to the constructed rooms in the fort. A statue of Maharao Shardul Singhji has been erected in the fort.

Badalgarh Fort is not being run as a heritage hotel but is open to tourist to view the town of Jhunjhunu from the fort ramparts.