Our Team Comprises Of The Following

Kanwar Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod (Bonnie) is one of the pioneers to introduce the concept of horse safaris to India. He rides with most of his safaris and has behind him an experience of over 25 years. He comes from the noble family of Dundlod, who are descendents of Rao Shekha, after whom the clan of Shekhawats exist in Rajasthan. 

He along with his partner Francesca has created the Indigenous Horse Society of India and has participated in many National & International events such as Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012 at Windsor, World Equestrian Games Kentucky 2010, Equitana USA & Germany and has participated in equestrian events at Kazakhstan and Turkey . He is India’s first Gold Medalist in 100 Kms. National team endurance event on his Marwari horses.    

Sunayana Mishra leads the backup team on most of the safaris and has an experience of over 25 years of being hostess to the riders. The back team carries all emergency and medical equipment as well as refreshments and always appears when needed by the riders. She has vast experience of International travelers needs as she has traveled her self to U.S.A, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Turkmenistan.

Bijli and Toofan our Labradors are our camp guards and accompany us on most of the rides.

Subhash is the chef who makes delicious meals at all our camps in the mobile kitchen. All our lunches are served hot and freshly cooked. He specializes in preparing western dishes for the taste of riders and can cater to special requests. He has an experience as a chef of over 15 years with us. He has traveled to U.S.A, Italy and Sri Lanka.

Dilip Kumar                   Sushil Kumar                Subhas Chand Suniya

Dilip & Sushil are our riders and help guide the safaris with our leader, and have an experience of over 10 years with us. Both are good riders and Sushil has trained the horses for Sri Lanka Tent Pegging Team. Both represented India at the World Equestrian Games held in USA 2010 for tent pegging demonstration. Both have been trained in horse management and care in USA at Marwari Bloodline Stables. Both have represented India at Equestrian Events at Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Om Prakash is one of our riders from last 15 years and well trained to guide the safaris with our leader. Worked on our Sri Lanka horse safaris. He is an Individual Gold Medalist in 100 Kms. National Endurance Ride on Marwari Horses.

Vishal is our Flag bearer with an experience of about 5 years. He manages the care of the horses on the safaris.


Our Horses And Equipment

The horses used on our safaris are mostly Marwari with a few Kathiawari and Sindhi horses.

The Indigenous horses vary in height from 14.2 to 15.2 hands. They are lean but very fit horses which makes them most suitable for desert safaris.

The exotic beauty and vigour of the Marwari horse is their lasting heritage. Marwari was bred to lift the heart in battle and please the eye. He is easily recognized by his proud carriage, upright graceful neck and distinctive aquiline head with deep expressive eyes, The crowning glory of which are the unique lyre or scimitar shaped ears set high on the poll and without exception unique to the noble Indian horse.

The intelligence and natural regal bearing of the Marwari is blended with tremendous equipoise, graceful animated gaits and stamina. He displays an alert stillness when in repose and incredible elan vital in action. Hardiness and longevity have enabled the breed to survive wars, famine and droughts. The Marwari agreeably adapts to different life styles and environmental conditions and performs in various sports and formal riding disciplines.

Loyal, tireless and competitive, the Marwari has evolved from one of the world ancient breeds to present a new archetype of beauty, brilliance and personality.

The horse equipments we use are all made in India from fine leather of Kanpur. The saddles are known as SAWAR (rider) saddles as they are designed for Cavalry. They are comfortable for horses and safe for the riders. We use cloth Martingale and saddle covers made up of the Dundlod family colours.

made up of the Dundlod family colours.