The Fort of Dundlod is an embodiment of cultural amalgamation of Rajputana and Mughal School of Art and Architecture. Its motif of flowers and foliage, minarets, mythological paintings, archaic furniture, wall hangings of arrows and shields have remained unchanged since hoary past. Here commercialism of artificial world could not slip in. Staying in Dundlod Fort is almost like living through the days of James Tod who described the splendors of Rajasthan. On every dawn the first ray of the sun befalls over the fort as an eternal bliss to the land of mystique and charisma.

Come and join us , Come via rail or cruise through the motorable road. While you enter the Fort the "Royal Salute" awaits you. For your ushering Commissionaire with traditional attire of bright colours would pump your imagination to the regency days. Once you step in, you would find traditional decor which encircles you. The colour of the walls, the imperial chairs and tables, miniature paintings are of museological value would sound very current with luxury of today as if two civilizations are thriving together.

The rooms are enveloped in Rajputana style where everything is of local origin. The Roof-Top dinner with rustic oil lamps provide a stopover even for a stargazer! The "Ala Carte" cuisine is of great taste prepared by chefs with great care. The bar in Traditional Raj Buggy would make you a courious onlooker even before the drinks are served. At Dundlod Fortspecial Horse/ Camel and Jeep safaris are arranged. You could also go for sight seeing atop a camel.

Come stay with us and experience the traditional unforgettable hospitality that would make you feel that you have lived the Life with the then Rajput Regals........

Shekhawati is named after Shekha of Amarsar, who came to be known as Rao Shekhaji. He was a brave young king who proclaimed his sovereignty by refusing to pay tribute to the rulers of Amber. Shekhwati remained free from 1471 till the middle of the 18th century.

The village of Dundlod lies in the heart of Shekhawati . The family of Dundlod are the descendants of Kesari Singh, the fifth son of Sardhul Singh. Dundlod castle was built by him in 1750 A.D. After having travelled through sandy tracks of Shekhawati, one enters the village of Dundlod, to see the magnificent sight of the beautifully painted havelies of the Goenkas and the towering Fort which stands in the middle of the village.

As you enter the imposing Suraj Pole gateway of the fort, you feel you have stepped into an era of bygones times, you then proceed to the Bichla Darwaza and turn into the main courtyard of the fort from the Uttar Pole to face the steps which lead you to the majestic Diwan Khana.

The Diwan Khana is built in Mughal architecture and is furnished with Louis The XIV furniture. It has a magnificent library, with a very rich collection of rare books on Indian History. You also see the family portraits which remind you of the times gone by in history. Above this lies the Duchatta, from where the ladies watched the court ceremonies in purdah.

You can live here in rooms full of classic atmosphere each having its own History.If you feel like lazing on the open, terraces and chowks are there in front of each room or you can admire a spectacular view of the painted houses and havelies from the Chateries of the Fort. You can take a walk on the ramparts of the surrounded by a Moat.

Retire to your rooms(no two are alike) where you are pampered and made to feel like someone special. Later in the evening enjoy a drink under the open sky and stars in the Rawala while the village dancers entertain and enchant you.